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  This page tells you about the shops around the city.
This page only tells you what shops are and what they sell; you will have to go to the Item section to find out what the items do.

There are 3 kinds of shops:

**Magic Shops**

**Pawn Shops**

**Discount Magic Shops**

Below I have listed what each shop sells. If you find out that any information below is inacurate,let me know and I will update the site ASAP.

Magic Shops:(Sell Items at 100% Normal Price)
There are many Magic shops located in the city,and they move EVERY 12 HOURS!!So you need to find them and buy what you need fast!!!

Scroll of Turning- 500 Coins

Holy Water- 2000 Coins

Scroll of Teleportation- 5000 Coins

Discount Magic Shops:(Sell Items 30% Less)
These shops are the exact same as the Magic Shops,Except cheaper,and they hang around for 24 hours instead.

Scrolls of Turning- 350 Coins

Holy Water- 1400 Coins

Scroll of Teleportation- 3500 Coins

Pawn Shops
(Pawn Shops Buy Back Unwanted Items you Have)
Can be useful if you need some quick cash.There are only 4 of these at any given time.

Scroll of Turning- 250 Coins

Holy Water- 1000 Coins

Scroll of Teleportation- 2500 coins

There are now Necromancers in potion shops and apothecaries; they will only speak to you if you've been badly burned since this addition. A Necromancer will undo the effects of Holy Water and subsequent damage, up to a maximum of 100 pints below your peak (since this addition), at a cost of 25 coins per pint.

Here you can find everything there is to know about shops.If you are curious about the items you buy in these(if you want to know what they do) , then visit the "items" section of the site.

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